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How to Arrange an Art Wall Display

Even though you now realize a hanging system will greatly facilitate the mechanics of setting up an art wall, and though you know the most powerful tricks to selecting materials for your art display wall, you may feel you still need inspiration for arranging the pieces. Just as Houzz.com, or Pinterest,  are great web destinations for collecting home décor ideas, there are many web resources for priming your creative juices for an exciting wall arrangement. Pottery Barn also offers several useful tips and suggestions.

When using a hanging system, there's no need to start with a paper template, as they suggest, you can still create any of these layouts!


Pottery Barn Design Studio articles featuring living rooms and a staircase gallery

There are any number of web sites that offer templates and designs suggestions. Here are some great ideas for Gallery Walls shown with Room Vignettes. The following image is from Lushome.com.

Wall gallery room vignettes by Lushome


The following image is from an Etsy.com dealer, What Marvelous Things. It shares some great ideas for gallery walls shown with room vignettes.


What Marvelous Things wall display template 10 pak by Etsy.com

And this one from JennaBurger includes quite a volume of similar idea builders. Simply perform an image search for wall display templates on your favorite web search tool to see a large number of additional ideas.

JennaBurger.com wall display template

So, whether your challenge is in setting a residential art wall or a larger corporate branding gallery display, start with a hanging system and make your project easier to design.